My job is scheduled. What kind of preparations am I responsible for?

You may have been asked if we can make use of your driveway, if your project involves tear-off. Please ensure that it is available the day the job is scheduled to start. If the driveway is the only exit from a shared parking lot, it is especially important that the people who use the parking lot (e.g., tenants) are asked to move their vehicles elsewhere, before work commences.

Access to electricity may be requested, depending on the type of service that is being performed.

My project’s start date coincides with street cleaning! Is this a problem?

No. In fact, we prefer street cleaning days. When the street is vacant, we have more parking available.

What should I expect on the morning of the start date?

Big trucks, a host of tradesmen, and a lot of noise. Do not be alarmed – this is normal!

Please be advised that, despite our best efforts to keep the area clean, some dust and debris may be present while roof work is performed.

Is my presence at the property required when work begins?

It is very strongly recommended if you wish to be a satisfied customer. Although we take extra care to stage jobs in a way that minimizes disturbances to your property, your schedule, and your neighbors, sometimes we are faced with choices that we cannot make without your participation.

We usually resolve staging issues after the first half hour, at which point you can resume your regular day.

Must I be present throughout the entire duration of the job?

No. Most of our customers want to escape the noise.

My residential project is approaching completion. Will you clean up?

Removal of work-related debris is included in our Scope of Services. We go out of our way to remove all dust, debris – and especially stray nails – before we pack up for the day. In the unlikely event that we do miss a spot, we can send a cleanup crew at notice.

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