What is your lead time? That is, how much time will lapse between the time you receive my signed agreement, and the time work will actually begin?

Do confirm your project’s expected lead time with our staff, before signing your contract.

Our lead time during the summer season is approximately four to five weeks, for major projects (e.g., roofing and siding). Off-season lead times can range from one to three weeks. Minor work can usually be furnished within a few days’ time.

Can you provide an exact project start date?

We can schedule a mutually acceptable target start date. Take note that the actual start date is subject to change according to weather conditions, and our latent workload (i.e. projects scheduled to take place in advance of yours). It is reasonable to expect a delay of one day for each day that it rains between now and then. We also stress the challenges of accurately determining the time requirements of latent work; this is especially true at the height of the roofing season, when lead times are longest. Finally, higher scheduling priority is given to properties in need of immediate attention.

It stands to reason that the best we can do is provide a target start date now, and keep you informed, on a regular basis, of expected scheduling changes. We appreciate your understanding.

What is the delivery time for a roofing or siding project?

We usually complete residential roofing and siding work in one to three days. Projects outside San Francisco, or those having very specialized requirements, generally take longer. Again, please contact our staff directly to confirm delivery times.

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