I have received a bid package from Sure Roofing, and have a question about the proposed work.

It is important to us that you are absolutely sure of the contract’s terms before you sign. Our staff is obliged to explain, in very clear language, the descriptions of work and payment terms set forth within. If your question is of a legal nature, you are instead advised to consult an attorney licensed by the State Bar of California, and practiced in construction law.

What kind of services are included in the work?

See our Scope of Services.

I have received, reviewed, and agreed to the terms of the contract. I am ready to hire Sure Roofing. What’s next?

You should have two identical copies of the contract. Please sign and date both copies, then mail one copy to us. Retain the other copy for your records. When we receive our copy, you will be contacted by phone to make scheduling arrangements.

Can I make changes to the work set forth in my contract?


If we have received a signed contract from you, or if work is already under way, contact our staff to discuss the changes you wish to make.

If you have not yet mailed the contract, contact our staff to discuss the changes you wish to make. We will then revise and deliver to you a new contract reflecting those changes.

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